When should I contact a IBCLC Lactation Consultant?

Its EASY!  ANYTIME you are unsure that breastfeeding is going well!

So many families whether first time parents or experienced parents receive SO much conflicting advice and/or discouraging advice on feeding their baby. What they are really after is additional up to date information and non- judgmental support.


These few simple points below are great reasons to seek some additional support to ensure your breastfeeding journey starts smoothly and continues after birth and beyond for you and your baby.

-cries “a lot”

-spits up “a lot”

-feeds “all the time”

-is fussy “all the time”

These 4 “a lot and all the time” descriptions may indicate a latch or transference issue for your baby and most of the time is not “something” they just grow out of. Babies are incredible “compensators” and that is different to be “competent” at their job at hand which is to feed.

Another few reasons to see out some additional help of a IBCLC is for you!

-feeling stressed around feeds

-think your supply is low (most of the time it is not)

-think your supply is to high

-fast or slow let down

-flat inverted nipples

-sore nipples

-breast implants

-returning to work.


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