What to expect in a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Home Visit

Fixing breastfeeding problems is a process.  Sometimes it is a simple position adjustment that allows a deeper latch, sometimes there is a problem that will take deeper assessment, care, patience and time. 

Before your visit:

-Fill out your online questions/consent forms through the MilkNotes platform you will get a invite to.

This video can assist you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wBBWbdRom

-Make a list of ALL questions you have for me.

-Have any equipment you need help with out (pillows, pumps, bottles etc), so we can look at them together.

-I want you to be comfortable, so we can go into any room you normally feed in.

-Do not clean/tidy your house for me (ok I won’t say no to a cuppa if someone else is putting the kettle on).

– I want to see your baby feed, so try (ok I know) not to feed within the hour before my visit, so when I come your bub will eat whilst I am there for a proper assessment.

-We need to be able to chat freely without distractions and focus on you and your baby, so whilst I love older siblings if you feel that might be a challenge please organize an activity or distraction for them during our visit.

-I love pets (mad doggo person), but they can sometimes get a little territorial over you and your new baby as a stranger walks in, so please organize a space for them should you be concerned.

-Partners/other family members more than welcome.

During your visit

-I will wash my hands before we continue our consult, or before I touch you or your baby.

-Unless your bub is super hangry, we will sit firstly and go through your intake form, history, challenges and concerns.

-If possible before your baby feeds I will put gloves on and perform a oral examination and check oral function of your baby.  I am looking for normal muscle structure, neurological function, anatomy and development that is age appropriate for your baby.

-Then when your baby is ready to feed I will observe your feeding in whatever manner and position you use most frequently.

-I will also look at your nipples before and after the feed as part of my assessment of the feed.

-I may need to touch your breast to assist with improved positioning, BUT I will only do what is necessary and will always ASK for your consent first before I touch you, your breasts and your baby.

After Your Visit- In your MilkNotes Parent Portal

-I will upload for you your outcome of assessment, plan of action for your identified feeding goals, any pictures taken, referrals and report- that you can share with any other care provider.

-You have support for 1 week in a postnatal consult, and depending on what assessment and outcome is required I often touch base day 3, day 5 and 1 week after consult via email to check how you are doing.

-If I don’t hear from you I will assume all is ok.





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  1. Nadine Bell
    Nadine Bell says:

    Hi I’m a mum of two I have 20 month old toddler and a three month old baby girl I’m wanting to return to work soon but I need my baby to take bottles regularly and my milk supply is okay but it’s not the best do you think I could get some help or advice thank you.


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