Why can I not figure out my baby’s sleep issues?

On a daily basis I chat with mums about why they can’t figure out what is going on with their bubs sleep.

I distinctly remember holding my own bubba at 6 weeks, looking at her in all her newborn squish going WTF… I got NO idea babe…It was 3am, I was desperately searching through some baby settling books (there was no google and FB was simply Farmville at that point in time, and my tomatoes were dying). The tears rolled down my face, I felt isolated, alone and exhausted.

When the sun rose some 3hrs later, I  phoned one of my new mothers group friends, she brought me back to earth with some supportive words “trust your instinct”.

From that day on I did, and that was a learnt journey.  I threw away the books that were causing me anxiety, and after many months of sleepless days and crappy nights found there was actually a medical issue that was causing my bub to be so unsettled.

So now each day I discuss with mums about why they can’t figure out their own bubs sleep issues.

You may well be able to and over the first 12 months about 30% of families do.

However, my clients, who are from all areas of life and are  masters of their own crafts, but when it comes to helping their own young children develop good sleep habits, they are stumped, confused, anxious or just exhausted.

There are dozens of useful books on the subject of infant/toddler sleep, most describe their own processes and methodologies and how they fit the general population. A one sized fits all approach.

As parent’s we read or google several sleep settling books, chat with family friends or Facebook, which can  confuse us more.

Other times parents choose the concepts they like from several different methods, “try” it for a day or two, but those elements are not always complementary to one another, or to your child.

The bottom line is that many parents are exhausted and too weary to try and figure it out on their own. Trying to sort out all the variables can be overwhelming, especially when you haven’t slept well in some time.

Research shows that one of the no 1 things that cause arguments between parent’s is the lack of support and disagreement surrounding a child’s sleep and bedtime! See the study here

Neither of you are in best form at 3am to have a argument over what you should do to support your bub’s tears.. so let me help.  Take the guess work out of what is going on, and bring back calm days and peaceful nights for your family <3 <3