Nipple Shield Sizing- how to get the best fit

Did you know that the wrong pump flange size or nipple shield size can lesson or even decrease the amount of milk you pump or transfer?

It is so important to get the correct fit so that you are comfortable and you maximise each pumping or feeding session.

Most pumps come with a 24mm and 22mm size flange.. which often is simply to large.

As a IBCLC I find the majority of my clients are using the wrong size!

Did you know that a nipple can be a different size?- Yes sometimes you do need diiferent size for each breast.

Did you know you measure your nipple size after a pumping session?

Did you know pressing the flange to hard into your breasts can block a milk duct?

If the flange is to big your areola will be drawn  up inside and pain…. OUCH!

Here is a FREE Nipple Measure Chart from Pumpables

OR to book a flange sizing/pump consult click here

credit pic- medula.

Online Breast Feeding Consultation

This is a 60 min online breastfeeding consultation for you and your baby. Cost $180.00


This consultation is not suitable for all breastfeeding issues, but can offer assistance if you can’t access a face to face consult.

Breastfeeding issues I can help you with include:

-Antenatal tips

-Correcting positioning and attachment


-Low weight gain

-Prevention and healing of thrush, mastitis or plugged ducts.

-Management and plans for lip/tongue tie release.

-Post tongue/lip tie release rehabilitation.


-Sore/damaged nipples.

-Feeding/weaning off a nipple shield

-Questions about pumping/ flange size/flange fitting.

-Building milk supply.


-Premmie baby- in hospital/at home.


-Preparing for a return to work/ expressing plans

-Gentle weaning plans.

-What you need is a well lit, comfortable space with good wifi connection.

-As we only have a short period of time I will request you complete your intake set up/consent forms prior to our consult.

-Prior to consult  I will ask that specific video/photo’s of your baby need to be taken and sent through prior to our consultation along with completing my history form.

-During the consultation discuss findings of video/photos observe a feed, provide information to assist with latch and also creating a treatment/breastfeeding plan.

-The aim is for me to see a feed if possible, so it is often beneficial to have a spare pair of hands to film your current situation if required.

Follow up support via phone/email for 1 week is included.