“How Extra Sleep Can Reduce Kids BMI”- Courier Mail 30th April 2021

How extra sleep can reduce kids BMI, help mental health | The Mercury


AN early night can work wonders for kids with striking new research showing sleep can reduce BMI just as well as exercise.

As over-scheduled families struggle to find time for healthy activities for children, Australian scientists have discovered that while physical exercise gives premium all round health and wellbeing children can achieve the same 7.4 per cent reduction in body mass index by either exercising 17 more minutes a day or sleeping an extra 52 minutes or reducing their sitting or sedentary time by an extra 56 minutes.

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“Birthing Experience Impacts Settling and Sleep in Babies”- Courier Mail 10th October 2019.

WOMEN who are referred to a residential centre for help with sleep and settling in baby’s first year are more likely to have had a distressing birthing experience.

New Australian research shows that 44 per cent of babies in attendance at the parenting centres had been resuscitated at birth and 20 per cent had been admitted to special care nurseries – close to five per cent more than the overall population.

Giving birth is a defining and transformative experience,” Queensland infant sleep specialist and midwife Amanda Bude told The Courier-Mail.

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[ARTICLE] “Regular Bedtime, key to kids well being”- The Courier Mail, 21st December 2018

MANY parents have dropped the ball on one of the most vital areas of bringing up a child – policing bedtimes – one of the nation’s top psychologists says.

Queensland child sleep consultant Amanda Bude said children aged five to 10 should have a bedtime between 7pm and 8.30pm, depending on their rising times.

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