What’s going ON with my newborns SLEEP???

Their circadian rhythms are so unforgiving under the age of three months.

So if you’re struggling to put your baby to sleep or they’re just not falling asleep, just stop, you know, give them a cuddle. They might be due for a feed. Just know that it’s about sleep pressure and sensory environment.

We can’t make our babies go to sleep. We can’t make them wee, we can’t make them poo. All we can do is provide the environments for them to be successful in that.

So their bedtimes often aren’t between 6pm and 8pm at night. Their bedtimes are often between 9 and 11pm at night.

Sometimes they’ll go to sleep, be asleep for a couple of hours, wake up at 830 or 9 o’clock, then give them a bath.

Don’t try and force anything earlier and just see if that helps. 😃 Would you like to learn more about your infants sleep, feeding and birthing?