Should I Give My Baby Melatonin?

What I do each and every day is help my families achieve and implement habits and hygiene that can lead to quality sleep. These changes improve sleep efficiency and day time function in our children no matter what there age is. Consistent wake times, exposure to natural light during the day, and decreased light exposure in the evenings are all known to promote sleep.Circadian-rhythms-melatonin-2

More and more Australian parents are giving unprescribed Melatonin to their children in a desperate measure to restore bad, irregular sleep cycles, often easily fixed by simple solutions of knowing when your child should be sleeping biologically for his age, a change in nutrition through the day and exposure to natural sunlight.


circadian-cycle-biological-clock-Here is some recent research on the use of Melatonin in our children:

Warning on Giving Melatonin To Children for Sleep