[ARTICLE] I delivered my own baby by C-section: The Courier Mail 9th April 2016

The maternal-assisted births are in such demand that maternity advocates are calling for the “exciting” self-delivery method to be introduced at all hospitals. Currently, there are no known cases of the practice in the state’s public hospitals and patients are seeking out private facilities.

Veteran midwife Amanda Bude said she had experienced a surge in women inquiring about the maternal-assisted deliveries. She believed that, with the rise in rates of C-section births, a more mother-friendly approach was needed.

“There are countless benefits, including better breastfeeding rates, optimal cord clamping and better bonding due to skin-to-skin contact,” Ms Bude said.

“With one out of three babies being born now via surgery, it’s vital for babies and mothers to have the support of care providers for providing an optimal environment in a surgical setting”, she said.

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