Step By Step Guide on How to Introduce the Lulla Doll to your Baby.

Introducing the Lulla Doll in the correct way to your baby is paramount for success in making it a sustainable positive sleep association.

This free download gives you step by step guides for any age on how to maximise the introduction of this fabulous sleep doll for your bub… and save you $$$$$$!!!!!

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Is the Lulla Doll Suitable for my child?

[TODAY SHOW] Expert Interview Amanda Bude appears on Today Extra July 2016

Amanda Bude- Expert Australian Baby Sleep Whisperer and theLulla Doll

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[ARTICLE] Parents Prepared To Pay Any Price For Sleep, The Courier Mail, July 2016

DESPERATE sleep-deprived parents are paying triple the retail price online to secure a Lulla Doll, hailed as a miracle soother for unsettled babies.

The dolls, with simulated breathing and a heartbeat, are flying off the shelves worldwide and in Queensland thousands are on a waiting list. In New Zealand supplies sold out in two days. Facebook is ablaze with parents trying to track down the dolls.

Queensland child sleep consultant Amanda Bude said there was no magic bullet for settling children and up to 40 per cent had underlying sleep issues, but agreed the success stories were hard to ignore. “Nothing can replace loving human contact, but this doll might be coming in a close second best,” she said.

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