Tips to Green Your Babies Sleep.

Elements of a Green Baby Nursery.

1: Choose a cot made out of real wood with natural finishes, untreated pure cotton and wool preferably organically grown.

2. Consider making your baby’s room dark and peaceful with wooden blinds (non-toxic finish)or aluminium mini-blinds.

3. Consider using cloth or wooden toys, as most plastic toys are a contributor to indoor air pollution.

4. Provide good ventilation. Newborns require fresh air, but not draughts.

5. Once you have a non-toxic nursery- consider using non-toxic cleaning products.

6. Rule of thumb- if a smell bothers you- it will bother your baby.

7. Consider bamboo products- nappies, wipes etc.

8. Sheets, bedding etc should be made out of soft natural fibres that breath, absorb and comfort.

9. Choose natural fabrics without permanent press- products that claim to reduce the need for ironing or flammability often contain formaldehyde or plastic resins that take time to wash out.

10. Enclose the mattress in a cover that contains polyurethane or vinyl to prevent dust mite. Air this out for at least a week before first use.

11. Avoid goose down- can trigger asthma. Use only organically grown cotton fabrics that are unbleached, or naturally coloured. Opt for wool fabrics that are chemical free and fire resistant.

12. For when your baby is close to 2 opt for an organic cotton pillow covered in a natural fibre pillow case.