How to end daylight savings without ending a good nights sleep!

 The end of daylight savings can be quite depressing as it can mean that those gorgeous summer days are over!  For those children that are going to bed at 8pm currently the transition back an hour to 7pm is still totally ok, so only transition if you feel the future wake up time is going to impact on your daily routine and the sleep quality of your

I totally recommend to parents to be proactive and prepare for the clocks going back on Sunday the 3rd April 2016.

Obviously I am all about trying to minimize the interference to a baby’s sleep and help them adjust much quicker to the change whilst protecting their (and your sanity) sleep health as the colder climate sets in. Lets face it being up when it is cold for hours on end is not fun!

It is important that you start the transition at least 5 days  before the clock changes as this gives your child’s body clock time to change to the bedtime, the wake times, the nap time and often meal time changes that a new schedule can impede on. Also as well it can co-inside with a schedule change as your bub has got older!

So here is a guideline for transitioning and the end of daylight savings:

I will assume your current bedtime is 7pm and it is easier to do the changes in 15 min increments over that week.

Night ONE:  Bed Time is  7:15pm – All sleep and feed times are moved 15 minutes later, so when the wake up the next day, feed your bub at 715am.  Put your baby down for naps 15 mins later.

Night TWO: Bedtime is 730pm- All naps and feeds through the day 15 mins later, and yes they may be tired, but this is why we do it slowly.

Night THREE: Bedtime is 745pm- All naps and feeds moved from 15 mins again. So the first feed on the day is actually 745am now move from 7am.

Night FOUR: Bedtime is 8pm- clock goes back, and wake your child at the new 7am, to begin your day with the new routine and schedule 🙂

A few tips to consider:

The mornings will be lighter now so consider block out blinds if need be to prevent early rising.  These stick on ones are awesome available through Sleep Tight Babies online : Easy Gro-Anywhere Blackout Blinds

Another tip is a Sleep Trainer Clock-  a simple visual for your child that the moon is still up so time to be asleep. Children do rely on cues as whether it is light or not.  A sleep trainer clock can also help parents to be consistent.

Here is a few to consider if you believe it would be of benefit for your child: Sleep Trainer Clocks

Most importantly while your child is getting used to the new time, stick to your usual bedtime and naptime routines. Try not to implement any new additional sleep assistance.

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