White Noise? Why is it important for my baby’s sleep?

After spending months in the enclosed, safe environment of the womb, your bub can become stressed and over-tired with the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells, which often leads to over stimulation of their central nervous systems, thus over tiredness and excessive crying.

White noise is a familiar sound that keeps them calm and helps them drift off to sleep. The type of white noise to use for your baby actually has a colour. Use ‘Pink” or Brown noise”.

This is a great pictograph of the differences.


From birth introduce white noise at nap and for night time sleep. Great sleep habits come with consistency of positive sleep associations.

In the womb it is DEAFENINGLY loud. In fact the volume is almost as loud as a lawn mower! That is 95 decibels! So babies LOVE loud noise. Being outside the womb is foreign and quiet to them, and takes quite some times to adjust to. The volume outside utero is 50-55 decibels. Like having your head under water in a spa or being in a shower.

Use it to reduce stress, fall asleep more easily, move between sleep cycles more efficiently, cry less, and when appropriate wean off (up to age 2).

White noise also cocoons your babies sleep environment. For a sensitive baby it drowns out outside noise- early morning birdlife, day to day life noises, from older siblings playing, noisy neighbors coming and going, phones ringing, TV , cleaner coming etc.

Take a moment to walk around your room, at different times of the day and listen in your babies’ environment for any regular disturbances.

White noise is cheap and easy to use. White noise machines can start at $30 per unit.

Many parents ask me about about music. Some baby’s are stimulated by music, and the choice of music should be researched for sleep.

Music should be played on a CD player with a repeat button-turn it on as part of your sleep settling routine, and turn it off when it is time to get up. (same as opening the curtains/blinds).
Length of the CD should be at least 60 mins playing time- enough to get through 1 sleep cycle, and allow time to move into the next.

Often music is suitable for a older baby and toddler.

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