Breast Pump/Flange Fit Consultation


Many feeding families don’t release that the wrong size flange combined with incorrect use of a pump will impact your milk supply and feeding journey!

Often it is assumed that there is low milk supply or something is wrong with the baby and how he/she is feeding.

It could be your flange fit that is impacting your breastfeeding journey and a proper fit flange is important for pain free and comfortable pumping.. and MOST importantly milk yield!

Commercial breast pumps usually come with 2 size flanges (24mm or 28mm) and mums assume that these are the correct size for them.

So just how it is important to have the correct bra size it is important to have the correct flange size!

So if you are pumping and experiencing pain, discomfort, nipple damage, swollen areola, low output, or still feeling full after pumping then a flange fit/breast pump consultation is for you!