[ARTICLE] “Parents Warned To Ignore Old Fashioned Advice”- The Courier Mail, February 9th 2018

Evidence-based research over the generations has found that old-fashioned practices, such as babies sleeping on their tummies, cots filled with quilts and pillows and even feeding a baby boiled water, can be risky.

Accredited baby sleep consultant Amanda Bude told The Courier-Mail that parents were often worried when their tots slept at their grandparents’ house in case modern recommendations were not adhered to.

[ARTICLE] SIDS RISK IN FLAT HEAD PREVENTION- Herald Sun/ The Courier Mail August 11th 2016

PARENTS are putting their babies at risk of cot death by stuffing pillows, towels and toys around the child as they sleep in the hope of preventing them developing a flat head, researchers warn.

Conflicting advice from health professionals about the prevention and treatment of the craniofacial problem plagiocephaly, which can happen if babies lie in the same position for long periods, has meant many parents are “willing to do anything” to prevent it.

Queensland baby sleep consultant Amanda Bude says that a big part of her job is doing “environmental health checks” on cots as parents are often confused.


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