You & your baby deserve a holistic approach to honor the transition into mother hood.

Amanda believes that this encompasses a comprehensive approach to supporting the physical, emotional, & mental well-being, during a  time of immense physical, & emotional change sprinkled with practical support!

The postnatal period is biologically, physically, hormonally , psychologically and nutritionally  different than any other period of a woman’s life!

Your role as a new mum is to rest & recover from birth & to focus on connecting with your baby. A supported post partum assists you in building your confidence as you get to know your newborn.

As a endorsed midwife you can choose to have Amanda support you in:

  • Physical recovery after childbirth-with check ups in the first week to 6 weeks.
  • Provide wellness checks for your baby in the first 6 weeks.
  • Birth debrief & discussion
  • Contraception- what is your individual best fit.
  • Have emotional support- cause we all need to chat, express & celebrate those  moments of adjustment.
  • Access breastfeeding support- as an IBCLC Amanda can assist and provide education and support to mothers who choose to breastfeed. This may include assistance with latching, managing milk supply, & addressing any breastfeeding challenges in these early weeks.
  • Support with any other feeding methods if this is your choice.
  • Newborn care, behavior & education- holistic practical & logistical parenting advice (that is evidenced based)
  • Holistic Support & Guidance in Sleep & Settling advice & education in these newborn weeks.


Amanda offers the choice of 3 different Postnatal Support:

  1. In Clinic– Bulk Billing Clinic Visits Available to 6w6d- GP referral required + 1 off admin fee.
  2. In Home- Boutique Home Postnatal Care Package- depending on when your baby arrives- first week is generally 3 visits, day 7 and then weekly until 6 weeks postpartum. This choice of package is limited to location and availability (please contact me to check- prior to booking).
  3. Single Day- Womb to World Package– 5 hr in home.


How to get started-  simply obtain a referral from your GP to Amanda Bude- Groovy Babies-