Safe Infant Sleep Tips For Grandparents


Its the event of the year!  The first night your LO is having a “SLEEP OVER”, at grandma and grandpas!  So amid the excitement of (escape/ dash for freedom), you realize that its time to set up the space where your baby is going to sleep. So here are some tips to consider when THAT day finally arrives:

1.: What is your baby going to sleep in? Unfortunately now days sadly THAT cot that you slept in 15 years ago that has been pulled out of the garage and lovingly been dusted off might not make the current safety standards for your bub. It might be time to invest in a modern day port-a-cot.  According to Choice Magazine here are some tips to consider:

What to look for

Good ventilation

Each side should be mostly made from a breathable mesh material that extends all the way to the floor of the cot.

Weight matters

Don’t use a portable cot if your child weighs more than 15kg.

Well designed

Inside surfaces should be free of bumps, ledges and protruding parts so children can’t hit their heads, get their clothing snagged or use them as a foothold to climb out of the cot.

No gaps

The mattress should be firm enough and fit snugly without gaps on any side.


The rails should have two locking mechanisms to prevent accidental collapse and closure. The cot floor shouldn’t sag. Press down on the base to check this.

Standards matter

Check that the portable cot you buy is certified to the Australian/New Zealand Standard, AS/NZS 2195 – either the 1999 or 2010 version.

Easy to put up and take down

The easier it is to put up and down, the better. You don’t want to be struggling when you’re sleep-deprived and have a tired, crying baby on your hands.

Not too heavy

Despite “porta” being in the name, many portacots are still quite heavy, with some clocking in at over 14kg. Make sure you are able to lift and carry it comfortably.


Check what size it is when it’s packed down. You’ll want to store it away until your next adventure so choose one that’ll fit the bill (or, more to the point, your cupboard).

2. Remind Grandma and Grandpa, that unless your bub is rolling that they must sleep on their back, with no additional blankets for “warmth”. Modern swaddles and togged sleeping bags can be a new addition to knowlege so some education on room temp is ideal here.

3. A little reminder that even though bub looks “lonely” in the portacot, that your little one does not need additional soft toys to keep her “company” whilst she is sleeping.

4. If your toddler is out of a cot then sometimes a mattress on the floor instead of a “big bed” is a easier and safer option to begin with.

5. To really have a “baby proofing” look around the room your child will be sleeping in (ok and the house- beware the glass coffee table).  Look for loose cords, power point plugs, items that can been pulled of shelves or book cases.

6. Do a test run- either at your house or at the grand parents house, so they are familiar with your bubs bedtime routine/ comforts, and also for your baby to get used to where he/she is going to be.

You want this to be a repeat performance!



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