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Online Lactation Consultation


This is a 75 min online breastfeeding consultation for you and your baby.

This consultation is not suitable for all breastfeeding issues, but can offer assistance if you can’t access a face to face consult.

Breastfeeding issues I can help you with include:

  • Antenatal tips
  • Correcting positioning and attachment
  • Engorgement
  • Low weight gain
  • Prevention and healing of thrush, mastitis or plugged ducts
  • Management and plans for lip/tongue tie release
  • Post tongue/lip tie release rehabilitation
  • Oversupply
  • Sore/damaged nipples
  • Feeding/weaning off a nipple shield
  • Questions about pumping/ flange size/flange fitting
  • Building milk supply
  • IGT
  • Premmie baby – in hospital/at home
  • Twins
  • Preparing for a return to work/ expressing plans
  • Gentle weaning plans

What you need is a well lit, comfortable space with good wifi connection.

As we only have a short period of time I will request you complete your intake set up/consent forms prior to our consult.

Prior to consult  I will ask that specific video/photo’s of your baby need to be taken and sent through prior to our consultation along with completing my history form.

During the consultation discuss findings of video/photos observe a feed, provide information to assist with latch and also creating a treatment/breastfeeding plan.

The aim is for me to see a feed if possible, so it is often beneficial to have a spare pair of hands to film your current situation if required.

Follow up support via phone/email for 2 weeks is included.