Looking for breastfeeding help and lactation support for your baby?

Home Visits, Clinic Visits and Virtual Lactation consults are available.

Appointments available within 24-72 hrs.

Amanda is a qualified Midwife and  Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia.

Whether it is preparing antenatally, postpartum or return to work, Amanda will assist your family whilst maintaining her ethos of holistic support.

As natural as breast feeding is for some families- often learning a new skill does require some help, so whether it is your 1st bub or your 8th bub reaching out for education, assistance and support puts you on the right track and cuts down on your “google time” so you can concentrate on feeding and enjoying your baby.

Click here to see what to expect  in a Lactation Consult with me.

TO BOOK LACTATION HOME VISITS or online consults go to  https://app.milknotes.com/calendar?id=1530


Lactation challenges can involve many areas and you and your baby deserve the time to do a thorough assessment using validated tools, the latest in evidenced based information and create individual plans to solve and support your feeding goals:

General Breast Feeding Issues

Latching Difficulties


Supply Issues

Anatomical Challenges-  Tongue Tie and Upper Lip Ties- Oral Dysfunction and Assessment



-Breast Augmentation/ Breast Reduction


-Breast pump fit and technique difficulties

-Return to work




-IVF Families

-Same Sex Families



-Chest Feeding


Call me on 0412 238 854 for booking inquires.

Clinic Services

Clinic appointments are based at Tugun Family Health Clinic (South Gold Coast) and North Gold Coast at Her Medical, Southport.

-90 min In Clinic (Tugun Family Health Clinic) or at Her Medical $230.00

-45/60 min In Clinic Follow ups $155


In Home Services- BOOK HERE 

-2 hr In Home Lactation Initial Postnatal Consult (with parent portal support access to secure health platform) + 1 week support $240.00

-In Home Follow Up Consults 45-60 mins  $180.00

-Follow Up- Phone/email 45 mins $115.00


Short Initial Consults BOOK HERE

In Clinic- $185

Home Visit- $200

This is a  60 min consultation  for families who can all ready identify what their problem area is and require some additional support but don’t require a full initial consultation.

Follow up phone/email support for 1 week included.


Online Breastfeeding Consults- What is involved?

60 min consultation with 1 week support- online secure platform $180

(Please read above “what is involved” to make sure this is a suitable option)

Please see further information on BOOKING HERE


Antenatal Services

-In Home Antenatal Consults 2 hrs mins $220.00

TO BOOK an Antenatal ONLINE/HOME VISIT click here:  https://app.milknotes.com/calendar?id=1530


If you don’t see an available appointment please CALL/ EMAIL ME.

Cancellation Policy HERE