Is HypnoBirthing For Me?

Despite being a midwife, when I was pregnant I wanted a childbirth program that would give me and my birth team (hubby, other midwives and yes my ob) the practical information, education and tools that meant the birth of our baby would be as calm as possible, and a positive birth experience.

I wanted to be able to trust in my body and my instinct so that “fear” took a back set in my preparation process. Pain wasn’t really something I was concerned about, but if I could avoid using any pharmaceutical medication I knew that it would be better in my recovery and that of our baby in the first few hours and days post birth.

So I research HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Classes with HypnoBirthing International!

I learnt the practical information  about what my body does in labour, what my baby does in labour and what my partner can do to support me though labour.

I learnt how to use these tools to give me the opportunity and confidence to be accountable and in control of my birth outcome.

I learnt how to be confident in my choices for my birth.

I found the HypnoBirthing Program has the right balance of science/medicine/common sense and a huge sprinkle of wisdom!

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