HypnoBirthing®- Why a weekend program won’t give you the best antenatal preparation.

hypnobirthing-mongan-methodHypnoBirthing-Mongan Method Program?

Self-hypnosis and deep relaxation are very effective birthing techniques. They are acquired skills that need to be learned gradually and practised between sessions. This ensures that you have the time to develop the conditioned responses that make HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method so successful. There is no short cut, and this why our program is taught in five, 2 ½ hour sessions. .

Learning HypnoBirthing over a day or weekend in a compacted form is not as effective in ensuring that parents are able to absorb and remember the various techniques and the comprehensive birth education that they learn in class.  The brain and body memory have a limited learning capacity, especially in pregnancy! Allowing time between classes helps parents to better assimilate what they’ve learned from the class before and to practise together during the week. Then, when they return on the following week, they are able to discuss, correct, and improve their practice experience and any techniques they may not have fully understood.  

This class schedule also allows the time to explore your feelings, to relax with your partner, to resolve and release any anxieties that may arise, and to become acquainted with your baby through pre-birth parenting.  We like to work with you personally and to follow your progress, so that we can work with you and prepare you to be ready, relaxed, and confident as you approach the birth of your baby.”

Look under EVENTS for further details in how you can join in Groovy Babies next HypnoBirthing® Classes and look forward to a Happy Birthing Day!

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  1. Natalie Meade
    Natalie Meade says:

    Dear Amanda,

    It is so great to find articles like this, mothers need to know that HypnoBirthing is a serious preparation – not a rushed weekend or two weekend thing!

    If more practitioners held to these strong ideals and taught across 5 weeks then the reputation of HypnoBirthing would spread faster and wider!

    Mongan Method is a tough gig to follow (with such gigh professional standards to attain), but it matches birth well… because birth is a tough gig for the mum!

    All the best as a practitioner,

    Natalie Meade


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