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How do I know if my baby is gaining enough weight?

Having a new baby is stressful enough, but when the doubt of weight gain is suggested to a new parent the anxiety that happens is incredible.

New parents- are over whelmed with advice and information about what is “normal” vs what is “common”- with each term interchangeably used often mistakenly.

When a care provider says each day- they mean each 24hrs of time frame.

So how do you know if your baby is gaining “enough weight”?

What is a normal newborn weight gain?

See below for a quick cheat check for your baby so you can be reassured you are both doing just fine:


  1. Input=output- when a baby transfers competently at the breast you get wet and poop nappies.

First 24 hrs- 1 wet nappy

Day 2- 2 wet nappies

Day 3- 3 wet nappies

Day 4- 4 wet nappies

Day 5- 5+ wet nappies per day!


So how do you know what is a “wet nappy”- grab a nappy and pour 3 tablespoons of water in a clean dry nappy and feel how heavy it is- that is your comparison check.

Poop- before you have a baby never do you ever think how much you talk about poo!

A baby’s stools should transfer to a seeded yellow colour that is soft in consistency- between day 4-5 post birth.

Then if a baby is competent in milk transfer (emptying the breast to drink the fat content of milk), you can expect 3-4+ movements per day at least up to 10 weeks of age.

Again it is “common” for a breastfed baby to go for up to 10 days between a poop, but it is not “normal”, and in my practice as a IBCLC baby’s with delayed stooling are generally not transferring milk competently and feeding off mum’s let down.

2. Your breasts feel full before a feed and less full after a feed

-pop your finger on the end of your nose- this is a full consistency.

-pop your finger on your check- this is a less full consistency comparison.

I don’t like using the word “empty”- because your breasts are never actually empty of milk!


3. Your baby unlatches and appears satisfied, relaxed and content

Young babies do get milk drunk- nice and floppy, dreamy smiles, open hands- full of goodness= full tummy (for now).


4. Your baby wakes to feed every 2+ hours- is developing a rhythm of feeding, sleeping sprinkled with some short wakeful episodes.

-Newborns sleep a lot (15hrs / 24hrs)- so a rhythm can be eat, sleep, eat, awake, sleep, eat, awake, awake eat, sleep… circadian rhythms free run!


5. Your baby grows into and out of their clothes and car seat!

It might seen silly- but I when a mum comes to me concerned about weight I ask have you had to change clothing size or upsize a nappy?

A happy healthy baby- fills out their cheeks, and legs around their thighs.

6. What your care provider will be looking for?

  • A baby that losses up to 10% of their birth weight is considered acceptable.
  • A baby should regain their birth weight by the time they are 2 weeks old
  • 20-30g of weight gain per day till 3 months of age is acceptable.
  • A baby should double  birth weight by  4 months old.
  • Your baby will triple their birth weight by about 1 year old

Any concerns come see me!

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