Emotional Well Being and Sleep Training

You have a choice.

Health care professionals often advise controlled crying techniques for sleepless infants because they have little knowledge of – or training – in the holistic, gentler or more nurturing techniques. I prefer to support parents in understanding your baby’s behaviour, and provide you with the tools, that nurture and support your baby or child through change rather than leaving them to cry alone. Traditional Sleep Training is a challenge and hard for both parent’s and child. Many mum’s contact me with a fear that they will have to go through trauma themselves and create trauma for their baby or toddler when they decide to choose to sleep train. This is well emotional well being steps in. A simple acknowledgement and respect that in regards to sleep, a step by step approach which is nurturing and holistic,  and implements approaches, strategies and techniques will  encourage your baby or child to sleep well.

So if you sort emotional well being first, sleep will gently follow. Sleep Challenges provide the perfect opportunity for family’s to maintain and strengthen a strong, secure, and healthy emotional bond between you and your child- and get some SLEEP!


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