[ARTICLE] Do you google your child’s illness? Courier Mail March 2015

GOOGLE is stripping the quackery out of search results.

It has called in doctors to check results before they hit the top of the rankings.

Australian Medical Association Queensland president Shaun Rudd said most of his patients had visited “Dr Google” before seeing him.

Gold Coast midwife Amanda Bude has seen a big spike in parents turning to the internet over their babies’ health issues.

“I do get concerned,” she said.

“One of the main things I hear that came from the internet is the idea that if you put a glass jar on a rash and it disappears it is just virus-related, but if the rash doesn’t disappear then you need to seek medical help.

“Or parents take photos of rashes and post on Facebook asking other parents to diagnose.”

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Amanda Bude featured Midwife expert March 2015.