Do 10 sec methods of sleep settling work?

This week has shown a #trend of 10 sec methods of sleep settling young babies.  It seems incredible that something so simple as brushing a tissue over your bubba’s face might induce sleep in such a short period of time. I must admit it brought back many memories of stroking over my children’s faces to help them relax and herald the arrival of the sandman quick smart!

So is it truly possible that this method can work? Well yes it is!

Firstly these bub’s are at the right time in their sleep awake window to fall asleep easily.

Secondly these bubs are calm.

Thirdly these bubs are familiar with what is happening to them. They are used to this happening most likely from a very young age (even birth) that this is how mum or dad settles as a sleep cue.

How does facial relaxation work- well how do you feel when you have a facial? I know I LOVE having a facial and it instantly makes me feel relaxed. When you stroke a baby’s face it stimulates the erecti-pili just under the skin.  That sets off a hormone rush of endorphins and these run around the body and create a relaxation effect. Hence a instant transformation takes place. Be it with the soft brush of a tissue or the stroke of a hand over the face.

So what about The Oompa-Loompa Method?

Well as you can see the regular motion and montotone voice of dad works a treat.  You can see this baby is all ready in “the zone” by her stare bear eyes. That means dad has caught her in the wind down phase of correct wake/ sleep time. He is also holding her arms and head in containment, preventing any startle reflex from occurring as she is drifting off to sleep. Sweet connected, settling perfection.

Once again this bub is used to this settling pattern simply replicating in its unique way soothing motion, and repetitive consistent sound.

So this is what these baby’s most likely have:

1. A gentle predictable pre-sleep routine.

2. Mum and dad are consistent with this each and every time- so it works quickly and easily.

3. The bub is drowsy, not sound asleep- they are catching their child at the correct awake/sleep window.

4.Full tummy- this bub is not hungry :-).

5. This bub is only 3 weeks old- try this for the first time on a bub 10 weeks or older and they will probably reject it as unfamiliar. Or try and grab the tissue and eat it. 🙂


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