Tongue Ties in baby’s- YES they do exist!

Here is a link to the Queensland Health fact sheet for bubs with tongue ties.

(shared with permission of parents).




When should I contact a IBCLC Lactation Consultant?

Its EASY!  ANYTIME you are unsure that breastfeeding is going well!

So many families whether first time parents or experienced parents receive SO much conflicting advice and/or discouraging advice on feeding their baby. What they are really after is additional up to date information and non- judgmental support.


These few simple points below are great reasons to seek some additional support to ensure your breastfeeding journey starts smoothly and continues after birth and beyond for you and your baby.

-cries “a lot”

-spits up “a lot”

-feeds “all the time”

-is fussy “all the time”

These 4 “a lot and all the time” descriptions may indicate a latch or transference issue for your baby and most of the time is not “something” they just grow out of. Babies are incredible “compensators” and that is different to be “competent” at their job at hand which is to feed.

Another few reasons to see out some additional help of a IBCLC is for you!

-feeling stressed around feeds

-think your supply is low (most of the time it is not)

-think your supply is to high

-fast or slow let down

-flat inverted nipples

-sore nipples

-breast implants

-returning to work.


IBCLC Gold Coast

Interview with Sarah King “Wellness Wholehearted Mummas” 17th May 2019

In todays episode Amanda, a holistic midwife, explains the ins and outs of Hypnobirthing, who it is for, what is involved and why a holistic approach puts the Mumma in control. We also chat about unique and gentle approaches to sleep and settling for babies to children up to 5, the benefits of individual sleep coaching for the whole family with beautiful out comes for the child.

Have a listen in here to our amazing interview!

FAQ- How Does Our Sleep Consultancy Work?

Sleep Consultations with Amanda Bude from Groovy Babies consists of the following:

Initial Intake 15-30 minutes

Our first phone conversation involves a brief discussion where you are providing me overview of your challenges and circumstances so I can decide how to best support you. This may involve a referral out when necessary.


I will provide you with a questionnaire that evaluates all areas related to sleep challenges so I can determine your plan and which action steps to take. I will review your questionnaire before our first scheduled session, and will address follow up questions during our session

Scheduled Session

Sessions may consist of an In-home visit, Skype Call or Phone Call.  Any questions related to the evaluation will be discussed at this time. Based on my evaluation and follow up questions, a plan will be created. Families typically utilize anywhere from 3-8 sessions. Depending on outcome, continued support with additional sessions may be necessary.


Email is used to ask simple questions, schedule sessions, provide information, handouts, agreements etc. If the question(s) emailed requires an in-depth answer, we will schedule a phone consultation.


Text is only utilized in case of an emergency. For example to notify me you need to cancel a session that is scheduled in one hour.

“Brief Call” Consults

If you have a quick question in between our scheduled sessions you’d like to discuss by phone, we can set up a brief call. Most questions are answered within 5-10 minutes. If your question requires more time involved, we will schedule a 30 minute or 60 minute phone session.

“Follow Up” Consults

Once our sessions and time together is complete, if you find yourself needing more support or having more questions, please email me and we will schedule a brief 15 minute intake to discuss what is going on and how I can best support. From there we will determine how I can best support you.

I also offer retainer packages to all clients in 3 month blocks. This prevents  months down the track having to do a new evaluation again.


To Separate Your Twins For Sleep or Not?

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White Noise? Why is it important for my baby’s sleep?

After spending months in the enclosed, safe environment of the womb, your bub can become stressed and over-tired with the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells, which often leads to over stimulation of their central nervous systems, thus over tiredness and excessive crying.

White noise is a familiar sound that keeps them calm and helps them drift off to sleep. The type of white noise to use for your baby actually has a colour. Use ‘Pink” or Brown noise”.

This is a great pictograph of the differences.


From birth introduce white noise at nap and for night time sleep. Great sleep habits come with consistency of positive sleep associations.

In the womb it is DEAFENINGLY loud. In fact the volume is almost as loud as a lawn mower! That is 95 decibels! So babies LOVE loud noise. Being outside the womb is foreign and quiet to them, and takes quite some times to adjust to. The volume outside utero is 50-55 decibels. Like having your head under water in a spa or being in a shower.

Use it to reduce stress, fall asleep more easily, move between sleep cycles more efficiently, cry less, and when appropriate wean off (up to age 2).

White noise also cocoons your babies sleep environment. For a sensitive baby it drowns out outside noise- early morning birdlife, day to day life noises, from older siblings playing, noisy neighbors coming and going, phones ringing, TV , cleaner coming etc.

Take a moment to walk around your room, at different times of the day and listen in your babies’ environment for any regular disturbances.

White noise is cheap and easy to use. White noise machines can start at $30 per unit.

Many parents ask me about about music. Some baby’s are stimulated by music, and the choice of music should be researched for sleep.

Music should be played on a CD player with a repeat button-turn it on as part of your sleep settling routine, and turn it off when it is time to get up. (same as opening the curtains/blinds).
Length of the CD should be at least 60 mins playing time- enough to get through 1 sleep cycle, and allow time to move into the next.

Often music is suitable for a older baby and toddler.

For further information on products please email

Can you afford to NOT do HypnoBirthing Classes?

Over the last few weeks I have had a few inquires from expectant new mums about doing my HypnoBirthing classes.  The conversation ended with oh.. I am not sure we can afford to do classes.

Knowing what I know about our maternity system I’m not sure you can’t afford to do HypnoBirthing classes!

So let’s break this down.. HB classes are NOT just about preparing you for the physical, logistics of birthing a baby.  That is what run of the mill normal childbirth classes do. That is why they are held over one day or split into a weekend course.

If these classes were so fantastic about birth preparation then we wouldn’t have these current Australian statistics:

1:3 babies are born via caeseran section now.

1:4 labours are via induction.

1:3 woman describe their birth as traumatic.

1:4 woman suffer some kind of major physical trauma with birth.

1:7 woman are now diagnosed with post natal depression.

1:10 dads are now diagnosed with post natal depression.

The number ONE cause of perinatal morbidity is SUICIDE…

WTF is going on……

we also know that babies are conscious beings before birth… they are aware of their environment in the womb.. they are marinating in the hormones of their mothers. So preparation for celebrating their birthday matters!

Here is the most recent WHO recommendations on reducing non medical interventions and unnecessary procedures. Number one recommendation is education programs that teach preventiong programs on prevention of fear and anxiety!

The birth education is much more than just the birth of a baby… it is about a WHOLE experience and journey through conception, labour and birth and the post natal experience. We are talking about a 10 month journey.

Preparing for the birth of your baby deserves the research, the education just like you would planning for a physical event, a holiday and a wedding! Certainly more than walking around a parenting expo and test driving a pram!


How To Breastfeed and Get a Good Latch Each Time

Love Love Love these FREE videos by Dr Robyn Thompson!


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