Do You Need Help With Breastfeeding Your Baby?

Sometimes feeding your baby needs support and education from an IBCLC, to assist in a smooth breastfeeding journey. -Your appointment within 24hrs-72hrs of calling. -Cost of appointment is $180-$240. -Guarantee to identify your breastfeeding issues.

Are you experiencing any of these?

– painful or cracked nipples?

– low milk supply?

– oversupply?

– engorgement?

– mastitis?

– baby with low weight gain struggles?

– need a tongue and upper lip tie assessment?

                                      I can help!

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As a Lactation Consultant, I help mums achieve...

Stress Free Feeding 

A More Content and Settled Baby

Peace of Mind

Amanda is a IBCLC, a qualified lactation consultant to provide you with practical help, information and support with your breastfeeding goals. I offer In Home, Virtual or Clinic Consultations.

What to expect in a lactation consult?

Fixing breastfeeding problems is a process. Sometimes it is a simple position adjustment that allows a deeper latch, sometimes there is a problem that will take deeper assessment, care, patience and time. 

Before your visit:

– Fill out your online questions/consent forms through the MilkNotes platform you will get a invite to.

  • Consult prices range from $180- $240.00. 
  • Make a list of ALL questions you have for me. You can email these to me if you wish (and have time to).
  • Have any equipment you need help with out (pillows, pumps, bottles etc), so we can look at them together.
  • I want you to be comfortable, so we can go into any room you normally feed in.
  • Do not clean/tidy your house for me (ok I won’t say no to a cuppa if someone else is putting the kettle on).

– I want to see your baby feed, so try (ok I know) not to feed within the hour before my visit, so when I come your bub will eat whilst I am there for a proper assessment.

  • We need to be able to chat freely without distractions and focus on you and your baby, so whilst I love older siblings if you feel that might be a challenge please organize an activity or distraction for them during our visit.
  • I love pets (mad doggo person), but they can sometimes get a little territorial over you and your new baby as a stranger walks in, so please organize a space for them should you be concerned.
  • Partners/other family members more than welcome

During your visit:

– I will wash my hands before we continue our consult, or before I touch you or your baby.

  • Unless your bub is super hungry, we will sit firstly and go through your intake form, history, challenges and concerns.
  • If possible before your baby feeds I will put gloves on and perform a oral examination and check oral function of your baby. I am looking for normal muscle structure, neurological function, anatomy and development that is age appropriate for your baby.
  • Then when your baby is ready to feed I will observe your feeding in whatever manner and position you use most frequently.
  • I will also look at your nipples before and after the feed as part of my assessment of the feed.
  • I may need to touch your breast to assist with improved positioning, BUT I will only do what is necessary and will always ASK for your consent first before I touch you, your breasts and your baby.

After Your Visit:

– I will email you your outcome of assessment, plan of action for your identified feeding goals.

  • I will email if required to your current health care provider (at your request).
  • You have support for 1 week in a postnatal consult, and depending on what assessment and outcome is required I often touch base day 3, day 5 and 1 week after consult via email to check how you are doing.
  • If I don’t hear from you I will assume all is ok.


Amanda was absolutely amazing as our lactation consultant, post tongue and lip tie release. She is patient, understanding and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable in her presence, even at my most vulnerable times.
- Danni Lamb​
I can’t thank Amanda enough for her help and support with my breastfeeding journey. My only regret was not enlisting her help sooner. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and is both mum and baby focussed in her care. Throughout our interactions she has remained so encouraging and supportive of my decisions while giving me practical, evidence based information to improve my breastfeeding. I couldn’t recommend her more highly to any mums who are struggling with their breastfeeding or just looking for postpartum support in their feeding. Not only does she provide so much support and information in her face to face interactions, but also provides such a comprehensive care plan with a multitude of resources to help you further.
- Jenna Frampton​
I don’t know where we’d be without the help of Amanda! She is so knowledgeable, experienced and has such a motherly nature which made me very comfortable. We will continue to work with her for a long time and couldn’t recommend her enough 🙂
- Liana Brown​


How long is a visit?

 I have designed my visits to allow maximum time for your questions, to observe a feed, and design a plan- they are normally 60-120 mins, depending on your situation and your baby’s time clock.

Can you weigh my baby?

Yes I bring baby scales to your visit.

Do you work with bottle feeding families?

Yes-I work with mixed feeding, bottle feeding and chest feeding families.

Baby’s that are feeding on a bottle often struggle.-  There can be a underlying issue that is preventing them from feeding competently.

Do you provide sms support?

Due to the privacy health act and conditions surrounding sms privacy I don’t support sms.  I do use a secure health record platform called MilkNotes, which has a parent portal where you can sms me securely.

Can I use private health insurance for a consult?

Some insurers cover lactation consults. I can give you a receipt to submit to your insurer if you ask me.

Can you help me with sizing flanges and my pump?

Yes! Many breastfeeding families are actually using the wrong size- this can impact the amount of milk you release.