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Online Breast Feeding Consultation

This is a 60 min online breastfeeding consultation for you and your baby. Cost $150.00 BOOK HERE  This consultation is not suitable for all breastfeeding issues, but can offer assistance if you can’t access a face to face consult. Breastfeeding issues I can help you with include: -Antenatal tips -Correcting positioning and attachment -Engorgement -Low […]

When should I contact a IBCLC Lactation Consultant?

Its EASY!  ANYTIME you are unsure that breastfeeding is going well! So many families whether first time parents or experienced parents receive SO much conflicting advice and/or discouraging advice on feeding their baby. What they are really after is additional up to date information and non- judgmental support.   These few simple points below are […]

What to expect in a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Home Visit

Fixing breastfeeding problems is a process.  Sometimes it is a simple position adjustment that allows a deeper latch, sometimes there is a problem that will take deeper assessment, care, patience and time.  Before your visit: -Fill out your online questions/consent forms through the MilkNotes platform you will get a invite to. -Make a list of […]