[ARTICLE] The unusual things mums do in labour: Essential Baby December 2015


Midwife Amanda Bude is a big believer in women doing whatever feels right to them when in labour, as long as they stay safe, of course.

“Often if there is an obstacle in their mind, they won’t labour properly until the issue is solved or rectified so they are then at peace mentally to move forward and welcome their bub,” she explains.

Focusing on something other than labour can also help distract you from pain, says Bude. She adds: “I don’t believe in telling mums to ‘save their energy’ for labour”.

However, she says that the majority of women in labour can’t even imagine sitting an exam or attending a meeting, which is totally fine.

“Once labour is established, most mums-to-be establish their mindset on meeting their baby, connecting with their support person and keeping calm and relaxed.


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