[ARTICLE] The device that allows you to bottle feed and use your phone at the same time: Essential Baby October 2016

Now Tim Causa, from Northern Virginia, has come up with a potential solution to that ‘problem’: he’s designed a device that allows you to use your phone and bottle feed your baby at the same time.

He came up with the idea after feeding his baby, Jack, in the middle of the night.

“For 25 minutes at a time I was in a dark, quiet room feeding my son. It dawned on me that I could do some catch-up work while he fed, but I needed something to help me hold a bottle and my smartphone.”

He searched online for solutions, but that there was nothing on the market.

“That’s when I decided to seize the opportunity and solve the problem myself.”

Thus the ‘Swipe & Feed‘ was born.

But midwife Amanda Bude says it actually is different, for many reasons.

Firstly, she’s worried about the potential effects of having a mobile phone so close to a baby’s growing brain.

Also, she says mobile phones emit blue light. She says this kind of light exposure can then disrupt both a parent and child’s melatonin secretion, which can affect sleep.

She’s also afraid about the effect it would have on the parent-baby relationship.

“This would absolutely disrupt bonding,” she says.

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[ARTICLE] Marathon mum pumps breastmilk while on the run: Essential Baby September 2016

When you’re a breastfeeding mama, you’re likely to find yourself out and about when you need to feed your baby.

Sometimes that means feeding at a cafe, or in a library. It can also mean feeding on a plane, at the airport or in a shop.

US mum Anna Young faced a very different dilemma.

The mother from Salt Lake City decided to run a half-marathon before she even knew she was pregnant. The big event was to take place when her little one was five months old.

But Anna had a problem: she needed to leave her house at 4.30am and wouldn’t be able to feed again for hours.

So she came up with a plan: she would pump milk during the race. She pumped after running the first 8 miles (which is almost 13 km).

Others agreed, saying that running with engorged breasts would be a nightmare.

Midwife Amanda Bude from Groovy Babies applauds Anna’s decision – and ability – to pump while running.

“Wow! That’s what I call true dedication to her child and commitment of breastfeeding!” she says.

“Imagine preparing your mindset for a marathon and packing all your express kit as well as your Gatorade…”

While Amanda is clearly impressed with Anna’s actions, she says they also help normalise breastfeeding and pumping.

And that’s something Anna wanted to do, using the hash tag #normalizebreastfeeding on her caption.

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